Venbot trading tool


Venbot trading tool


Venbot trading tool


Venbot trading tool

App interface

Supported exchanges

The app supports a large scale of exchanges

Online support

Online support within Telegram

Build your own strategy

Build your own trading strategy and let the app do the work for you

Trading community

The app was developed within traders

VENBOT Trading tool

What the app offers

Unique wallet

Unique wallet within the app

Funds security

The app is designed only to trade in your behalf

Buy the Dip function

Place your orders to catch the price dips and never lock away your funds

Multiple pre-settled functions

Launch trades with pre-settled options

Trailing stop loss

Automatic move of your Stop Loss

Managing orders and trades simple and fast

You can adjust in real time the orders already placed,directly in the application

Try VENBOT now!

The app is currently under development for Android and iOS

How it works?

Trading guidelines for Venbot

What's the "Dashboard"?

New trades can be launched from the Dashboard. Also here you can see your active trades

What is "New Trade"?

Start trading your favorite crypto currency. You can choose either BTC or ETH markets from your favorite exchange without actually logging into that particulary exchange.

Buy the dips or "New BTD"

The option is for those who want to take full advantage of any price crash. You can start ordering without blocking your funds for those orders.

Trades section

Here you can find info about your opened positions or the ones who are still on hold. Alos you can check entire trading activity from the "History" tab.

Buy, Take Profit and Stop Loss

You can "Buy" your favorite crypto currency at a fixed price or if you have to wait for a up-trend confirmation you can use "bid +0.02%". Take profit can be manual, in percentages or fixed.

I have encountered some issues, who should i contact?

The app was developed by a trading community with different programming skills. You can join our Telegram group and ask for our help.