Frequently Asked Questions

General questions
Account registration at is required if you want to trade using Venbot app. This ensures a secure environment for all users involved in any transactions.
Venbot app is compatible with any browser that run on your phone or PC, using any Windows, Linux or Mac OS.
Venbot app is a free to use app.
You can always follow our official Twitter account or visit our Medium posts.
Venbot is the first trading app who doesn't need your private keys to trade. Unique wallet features provide better security and all withdrawals requests are confirmed manually.
Venbot is designed to trade cryptocurrencies. You can trade your favorite tokens from multiple exchanges.
Venbot is the best tool for automatic trading, even though you're an experienced trader or a beginner. With lots of interesting futures Venbot makes trading less time consuming and protects you in a volatile market.
Sign-up and Login area
As mentioned before, in order to use Venbot you need to register an account using this link
Insert your details as described in the image:

The steps involved in this process are really simple. All you need to do is:
  • Always check if you visit the right login link (
  • Insert your e-mail in the required field.
  • Insert your password.
  • Click the login button.
Dashboard buttons
The main page in Venbot app contains the following buttons:
  • Home
  • New Trade
  • Convertor
  • Signals
  • Bots
  • Wallet
  • My Profile
  • On homepage you can also find your user ID and e-mail. For security reasons please do not share with anyone your user ID or e-mail, except when you request a chat with our support team trough dedicated channels.
As you already noticed, homepage contains also some tabs. These self-explenatory tabs are for your trades and are as they follow:
  • Waiting
  • This screen is for trades that awaits to be triggered by the entry price.
  • Active
  • This screen is to display your open positions, after you enter a trade.
  • Closed
  • This screen is to display your closed positions.
    Note: Opened poisition with a period of time more than 30 days are automatically stored in history and won't appear as a closed trade after you exit from trade.
  • Orders
  • History
  • This screen is to display your trades history.
Before you trade you need to fund your account
Before trade within Venbot you need to deposit funds into your account. To make a deposit just click on the menu “Wallet” and you will see the coins available to deposit (BTC,ETH, etc.).

Choose the crypto you want to deposit and verify your address. Copy it and send only the crypto you've chosen previously.

Do not send any other coin to your address or your funds will be lost! Wait for the necessary confirmations and you will be able to see your balance on the menu “Balance”. You can always check your Deposit history below.

Trade with Venbot
Place a new trade in venbot by clicking on the button “New Trade” and you will see many options on the right side. The first thing we must choose is if you are buying or selling the asset.

Now you must choose what is the ticker of the crypto you want to trade. For example POA/BTC Insert the position size of your trade in btc, e.g 0.001 BTC if you want to buy POA using Bitcoin in our example.

Choose the option “I already bought POA. Use for this trade” only if you already have this coin in your Balance on the venbot app.

Finishing the setup for the buy or sell, the next step is choosing how your trade is going to be.
  • Fixed Price
  • Market
  • Just Above the Bid
  • Wait a Dip
  • Fixed Price works like a Limit Buy or Limit Sell where you can insert where your trade is going to start when the cryptocurrency reaches a certain price. You just have to set the price in BTC and wait until your order is filled.

    Market Price Entering in a trade using Market will allow you to buy or sell instantly getting the price of the first bid or ask in the book. Depending of the size you are trading, the slippage can be higher due the volume of the book. Always check twice the price your order will get filled.

    Just above bid is a limit sell or buy where your trade will be filled by the price above the first bid or ask. Note that until your price is reached, your trade will become a limit sell or limit buy and you can follow it in the Trades Menu.

    In the example below if you are selling your trade will get the price of 0.00000182 and if you are buying will get the price of 0.00000183, both above the 1st price of the book.
    This function works only if you are willing to buy a crypto and expecting a drop in the price. In our example, we expect that MDA is going to drop by 17.3% or 0.0000560 satoshis from its current price. When the dip is reached the bot will launch a new trade buying above the first bid price in the book.
    Now that you setup your trade and how you are going to buy or sell the asset, it’s time to choose the conditions of the exit of your position.

    Insert percentage of the take profit where you want to exit the trade.

    You can either choose take profit by percentage or fixed price and the trade will be automatically closed once it reaches your conditions. You can also just leave it blank for manual take profit. Just click on the menu Trades and check the Active Trades to close it manually.

    If you are using the stop loss by percentage, you can mark the option Trailing Stop Loss to move your Stop Loss in case of the price rises. This allows you to maximize your profits or reduce your loss in volatile times where the prices are moving too fast.
    Before launching your trade, you can always preview it by clicking on “Preview” to check if everything is according to your setup.
    If everything is good to go, just click on “Launch Trade” and you will be able to see it on the menu Trades.

    You can cancel a trade that is waiting to be placed or an active trade. Just click on menu “Trades”.
    Click on the trade you want to cancel and click on “Cancel”.
    Confirm your option and that’s it. You will be able to see it on the history.
    You can also discard a trade by clicking on “Discard” and it will be removed from the Active Trades.
    Remember that this operation cannot be undone.

    Automatic signals in Venbot
    Venbot has automated signals feature. Trade without looking to the charts 24/7.
    You can enable this feature in the "Settings" menu from "Signals" section by marking the box "accept signals".
    You will receive e-mails from our Bot whenever there is a new entry for a new trade.
    If you prefer, the bot will trade automatically for you if you mark the box "Auto start Trades from Signals".
    You can also set the position size per trade, 2 different percentage targets of take profit.
    Note that the Stop Loss will be automatically set in the trade.

    One of the coolest features of Venbot is the section where you can trade as a professional trader.
    Using the "Signals" option you can decide what trader to follow within Venbot.
    Click on the "Signals" button and in the next screen choose who to follow.
    Make sure to click on the "Trader" tab in order to see all of our traders integrated in Venbot.
    You can choose who to follow and the app will automatically trade from the info provided by the traders.

    From the Bot section you can add your own Trading View strategies to play within Venbot. By pressing "NEW" you can start adding your own Trading View scripts.
      It works as follows:
  • you will have to define two Alarms per pair: one for opening a trade, and another one for closing a trade
  • you will paste the Message for opening the trade in the Message section of your 'Open Trade' Alarm
  • you will paste the Message for closing the trade in the Message section of your 'Close Trade' Alarm
  • As long as this bot will be active, it will open a trade (based on the parameters defined bellow) whenever an 'open trade' event will be received via the webhook.
    It will close the single active trade per bot, whenever it will receive a close trade event.
    It will open a new trade when it will receive the next open trade event, and so on.
    The bot won't open a new trade if two open trade events are received in succession.
    The only accepted events succession is: open trade event, close trade event, open trade event, and so on. The bot settings will be inserted in the bottom of the page, in the specified fields within Venbot.
    You need to access your Trading View account and export the required webhook.
    After you insert the required settings then you can preview your bot by using "Preview" button.
    To start the bot, after the "preview" you must use the "save" button.

    The bot will be listed as active in your bots window.

    Account security
    Venbot is protected by 2FA code and Anti-Pishing code.
    You can enable this by clicking on “My Profile”.

    Press the enable button for Google Authentication.

    Configure your Anti-Pishing code by clicking on “Configure”. The Antiphishing code that you chose will appear in all emails received from venbot so that you will be able to tell apart a phishing attempt from our genuine communication.

    The anti-pishing code can have a maximum of 30 characters.

    Withdraw your coins anytime by clicking on the menu “Withdraw” and check if you have enough balance.
    Insert your recipient address and the amount you want to withdraw. The withdraw fee will be taken out automatically.

    Click on submit and just wait your coins to arrive in your wallet. You can always check your withdrawal history below.

    All withdrawals are verified manually